Huge house with 4 stand alone separate apartments in Can Pep Simo

Huge house with 4 stand alone separate apartments in Can Pep Simo
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Price: 3.200.000 

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Located in Can Pep Simo, in one of the most desirable and most in demand locations on the island (close to Talamanca beach, the new Nobu Hotel, Destino, Jesus, Ibiza Town, Can Rimbau, S’Estanyol beach, the list goes on), this property is split into one huge house with 4 stand alone separate apartments.
Built by the current German owners in 1994, the total plot size is 1851 m2 and the total built size is almost 800 m2, all of which is legally registered.
Although the property is in good condition and can be moved into straight away if desired, it is Privadia’s view that these two large properties offer the chance for abrand new project on the site, to create something unique on this corner plot. O ne for the visionaries!
The property is built as two separate buildings and has 5 separate entrances, there is also a large pool to share. There are sea views, plus great views of the Unesco World Heritage Site Dalt Vila, which in the evenings can be seen twinkling in the distance as the sun sets.The spacious terraces feature a large swimming pool of 33 m2 which lead to an
adjoining gardens with fruit trees. The terraces number 338 m2 in total, together with off street parking and garages for up to 10 cars. There is a separate outdoor dining and outdoor kitchen area including a traditional Ibicenco oven.
Altogether the property boasts 5 kitchens and 6 separate living areas. From all the rooms you have a fantastic view to the isl and of Formentera and Dalt
Vila. The main house is equipped with underfloor heating and split air conditioning, there is also a fireplace with working chimney, a two -storey living room with an upstairs veranda facing south and a basement.
In total there are 12 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms.

Area / Place:Can Pep Simó / Ibiza
Garden:Private Garden
Built Size:800 m2
Plot Size:1851 m2